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We develop products for corporations and manufacturers.

We actualize ideas and convert concepts into reality.

Products for people and purposes. Functional by necessity; aesthetic and ergonomic because we're human.

What We Do

Product Development

Concepts & Strategies

Detailed Engineering 

Prototyping & Testing

Quietly working behind the scenes since 1998, we design and engineer products for companies and manufacturers. Companies hire outside expertise to supplement their existing team or in place of internal design staff. We step in and get you from concept to production or assist anywhere in between. See how our menu of services can help you.


Medical & Healthcare

Consumer Goods


Industrial Equipment


We've had the pleasure of working on a wide range of products, from life-saving medical equipment to robotics to baby swings to toothbrushes. It is not unusual. Implementing a sound and continually refined product development process is paramount, and we have it down to a tee. We welcome you to take a look at some of our past work.

Our Team

Industrial Designers

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Network of Partners


We are a small team of highly experienced designers and engineers. No beginners allowed. Our team must always consist of some of the best in the business as companies outsource to and entrust us with such important and critical work involving their products. We welcome you to learn more about us, our capabilities and how we can assist you. 


Fortune 500


Tech Start-Ups



Working behind the curtain so to speak, we have quietly partnered with many great companies, from brand names to unknown start-ups. In the process, we have been honored to work with so many great people and to have earned their trust. Over 90% of our projects are gained through repeat business and referrals. Take a look at some of our clients and the role we played.

We bring your ideas to life

After more than twenty years in product development, we know what it takes to transform an idea from concept to production and make it succeed functionally, aesthetically, ergonomically, and economically. Whether it's precision medical equipment, stylish consumer products or rugged industrial tools, we design and engineer the product for you. Helping our clients create, succeed, and impress is what we do.

Products for industry, people and purposes.

Spanning the areas of medical, consumer household, industrial and electro-mechanical. 

Customer Success Manifesto

Our "Customer Success" policy is based on a very simple principle: Put the customer’s success first and everything else will follow. It's a motivational process that galvanizes the entire value chain in contract product development. It places the customer’s goals at the center, focusing on their expectations, interests and satisfaction. This establishes a unifying framework, a mindset and protocol through which all services are delivered.

Not only is it an ethical obligation to help you succeed, it is in our own best interest. When your needs are met and your business succeeds and grows, we benefit through repeat business, referrals and by furthering an industry reputation. Plus, it just feels good to do good work. 

When you win, we win as well. This is why we work hard for "Customer Success"!

"You seek outside help for a reason. Expect our best. It's our professional obligation and a shining opportunity."


- Joe Kapushion, Owner

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Our office space is in Broomfield's Arista business park, between Denver and Boulder.

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